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The Brazilian photographer Tony Barros, of the agency Lente dos Sonhos, and Nadine Gonzalez of the association ModaFusion, have worked together since 2006 in various fashion events and productions in the favela City of God in Rio de Janeiro and abroad (Ethical Fashion show in paris in 2007). Christophe Simon of AFP (French Press Agency) joined them in 2011 to start the educational project Olhar Bom de Bola. The objective of this project is to capture through Nikon cameras the viewpoint of Carioca sport by each student, aged between 10 and 16 years old.

Choosing to launch Olhar Bom de Bola in City of God was done for two reasons. The first is the notoriety of this favela due to Fernando Meirelles’ film of the same name, which presented an unknown reality of Brasil until then. Secondly, because of the pacification of City of God, we wanted to show a new Brasil through the eyes of the young residents.

In addition to this social focus, essential to the project were other reasons such as the proximity of the favela do the Olympic Village. The photos taken by the students were part of three exhibits including the Visa Festival of the Image of photojournalism in Perpignan,  France.


  • Allow continuity for the project Olhar Bom de Bola creating a photojournalism school called Casa Geração City of God
  • Train young residents of City of God in photojournalism using their interest in sports as the incentive (World Cup, Olympic Games)
  • Offer comprehensive training with several photography and journalism professionals (AFP photographers)


Since 2014, Casa Geração City of God has trained 75 students from the favela and has taken part in three international projects.

                                                    NADINE, CHRISTOPHE and TONY

                                                  NADINE, CHRISTOPHE and TONY


Find out more about Tony Barros and his history:

Video explaining our program

Project with ModaFusion in 2014: A day with Tony Barros and the models from City of God




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